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Mary Joan Martelly – Biography, Net Worth, Age & More



Mary Joan Martelly

Mary Jaon Martelly Biography

Name:Mary Joan Martelly
Age:61 Years Old
Date of Birth:May 17, 1963
Birthplace:Eastern Caribbean island
Country:Sant Lucia
Father Name:N/A
Mother Name:N/A
Weight:68 kg
Skin Color:Black
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Black
Maratial Status:Married
Husband:George Foreman
Profession:House Wife
Net Worth:$500k

You will definitely hear a famous saying which is that “Behind Every Successful Man, There is a Great Woman.” This quote perfectly implies on Mary Joan Martelly. She is the wife of former Haitian professional boxer, WBC heavyweight champion, and actor, George Foreman.

If you are her fan and want to know about her, then continue reading. In this article, we are going to discuss every essential about this iron lady, so stick around with us till the end.

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Mary Joan Early Life & Education

Mary was born on the Eastern Caribbean island of Sant Lucia on May 17, 1963. She belongs to a very large yet financially unstable family. Mary grew up with four girls and two boys. Due to large family, she faced a lot of challenges in her early life. But she does not give up, and tries hard to change her fate, and ends up becoming successful.

When it comes to education, Mary Joan got schooling from her local private school in the town. For higher education, she then moved to the nearest city. The details regarding her higher education are not publicly available.

During and after completing her education, she did multiple jobs including as a waiter in a restaurant, an employee in garment factories, etc.

Mary Joan Martelly Net Worth

You will definitely agree with this – net worth is quite personal information that no one wants to share. The same is the case with Mary. She does not share any information about her net worth.

However, some credible online sources claim that she has an estimated net worth of around $500k. She earned this money through investments, paid partnerships with NGOs, etc. On the other hand, her husband has a total net worth of $300 million.

The Relationship of Mary & George Foreman

Mary & George Foreman

As we already mentioned, Mary Joan Martelly is the wife of George Foreman who is an ex-boxing champion. They first meet each other in Houston Texax in the year 1984 at a charity event. At that time George Foreman was married to his fourth wife named “Andrea Skeete.”

Mary fell in love after seeing Foreman for the first time. They dated each other for a year and then decided to change their relationship into a marital status. George Foreman divorced his fourth wife Andrea and married Mary Joan Martelly in the year 1985.

From then on, both are living a perfect life, all credit goes to Mary. Because she always stood behind his husband in hard times.

Mary’s Contribution to Foreman’s Success

By backing her husband in difficult times, Mary played a key role in the success of Foreman’s success. George Foreman’s family now owns a popular brand of kitchen appliances known as “George Foreman Grill.”

It is usually said by people that this brand was founded by both Mary and George, and it is touching new heights, all thanks to their honest vision, and hard work.

Mary Joan’s Children

After marrying, Mary and Foreman welcomed five children. Two are daughters with names Leola and Natalie. And three boys named George IV (commonly known as Ferris Wheel), George V (known as Red), and lastly George VI (known as Little Joey).

Do you know? Mary’s husband also has seven other children; five of them are from previous marriages while two are adopted.

With their children, both Mary and Foreman choose to live a life that is away from media & news. This is because they don’t want to get involved in any kind of controversy.

Social Media Accounts

Mary Joan is not too much active on social media, due to personal reasons. After doing in-depth research we were only able to find her official Instagram account. Remember, there are a number of fake Facebook, and Twitter registered against her name, so DON’T GET FOOLED!

Her Instagram link:

Frequently Asked Questions

How old Mary Joan Martelly is?

She was born in 1963, and this is 2024. This means she is around 61 years old.

When did Mary meet her husband George Foreman?

She first met her husband at a charity event in 1984.

Where is Mary Jaon Martelly Now?

Both George Foreman and Mary Jaon are now living their dream life in a 40-acre house in Houston Texas. They are living with both their children and grandchildren. Mary prefers to stay away from the media and the common public.

Apart from this, she always saw or heard acknowledging and celebrating her husband’s legacy and achievements.

Final Words

Mary Joan Martelly is the wife of a famous boxing sensation and champion George Foreman. They have 5 children, two of them girls, and three boys. In this article, we have explained every essential detail about Mary from her early to current life, hope you will find the information valuable.

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